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Our Products
Mechanical valve
>> AU Button Valve
Manually operated, direct action, large flow, with good NBR seal parts, reliable work performance.

>> AUV Mechanical valve
Is an idea products to control air manually or mechanical, with compact installing space.

>> Hand Pull Valve
Multiple install type, Manually operate, direct action, large flow, long service life.

>> Hand Draw Valve
Easy to operate, there are two and three positions for choice, NBR seal ring, reliable performance.

>> Foot Control Valve
With Inner lock to keep the valve open, easy to operate and reset, good work performance.

>> Manually-turn Valve
Good sealing feature to length the service life, large flow rate, easy and comfortable to operate.

>> Manually-turn Valve (K Series)
Ingenious designing, compact mounting space, more efficient to control, good work performance.

>> Flow Control Valve
Reliable designing, long service life, good operate feature, one-way flow, easy to control the flow rate.

>> Hand Slipping Valve
Just need to slip the handle to change the air flow direct, easy to operate, always work as air switch.

>> Shuttle Valve
Work as "OR" logic in pneumatic executive loop and control loop, select the air way automic.

>> Check Valve
Is a one-way control valve, can stop pressure air return efficient, reliable working performance.

>> Quick Exhaust Valve
Discharger pressure air rapidly, it is one-way direction control elements, always connect with air cylinder.

>> Vacuum Operating Valve
Used to creat vacuum so can suck the abject in order to move it, easy to install.

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